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ChemFinder MSDS Archives - ******Searchable by name, formula, MW, CAS, and substructure. Over 150 chemical information sites indexed
Material Safety Data Sheets - (via Cornell)- 325,000 MSDS files from the US D.O.D.
Seton Resource Center - Chemical name, formula, manufacturer, CAS Number, etc. No cookies required. Approx. 350,000.
Material Safety Data Sheets - (via Vermont SRI)- Approx. 180,000 MSDS plus safety links from the US D.O.D. - Search by product name or manufacturer. HTML/text sheets in ANSI-compliant format. Site also has a searchable and browsable list of Manufacturer's sites although all links do not go directly to MSDS's.
MSDS Solutions - Cookies required to search by name. Registration is required. Around 1,000,000 entries
MSDS Links - *** Links to MSDS and safety information
MSDS XChange - 400,000 MSDS web portal
MSDS Online - Registration required. Over 1,000,000 entries
Sigma Aldrich - Library of MSDS
NIOSH - NIOSH Pocket Guide To Chemical Hazards
REACH - The European Chemical Regulations
MSDS Databases - *** All major MSDS portal sites ***
Good NIOSH Links - MSDS & related links from NIOSH
ChemQuik Safety Data - 500,000 MSDS files plus first aid & safety information on most commonly used chemicals
MSDS Resources - *** Impressive MSDS links
ECDIN - Approx. 125,000 MSDS files available plus **synonyms**
MSDS Search - MSDS search engine within VWR International
CCOHS (Canada) - Canadian MSDS source
Oxford University - 2,000 MSDS files. Includes a glossary and special sections for gases, carcinogens, and peroxides
MSDS Online - MSDS search tools, Company contact, & MSDS scanning services
Chemical Abstract Service - (via ACS)- 18 million substance records
MSDS- Pyrotechnic Chemicals - (via J. Ray)- MSDS & EPA data sheets for pyrotechnic chemicals
MSDS Database - In Italian
MSDS Database - In Russian
GESTIS - Valuable database on hazardous substances ****
ToxNet - A cluster of NIH databases on hazardous chemicals and related areas
NFPA Chemical Hazard Label Codes - (via MSU)- Provides health, flammability & reactivity hazards of chemicals
Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) - Searches based on CAS number, CA index number, or molecular weight formula
Haz-Map Directory (NIH) - Information on Hazardous Chemicals and Occupational Diseases
International Chemical Safety Cards (ICSCS) - Includes OSHA and NIOSH recommended exposure limits and valuable links
ChemTrec® - A significant source for hazardous materials/dangerous goods information and communication
Safety Links - (via ACS)- Links to safety related sites
Safety Online - Safety standards, rulings, and world resources - Safety and firefighting resource center
Firefighting Suggestions - (via UKY)- Fire safety information in a chemistry laboratory
O.S.H.A. - OSHA Regulations & Standards, News room, & Outreach
Responsible Care - Making progress toward the vision of no accidents, injuries or harm to the environment
Envirofacts - Envirofacts Master Chemical Integrator Query Form
John F. Young Intl. Inc. - Consulting on hazards and dangers in the workplace
Dictionary of MSDS Terms - An A to Z list of the technical words most commonly found in MSDS forms
Chemical Industry Homepage - Outstanding source of information on chemical manufacturers
Chemical Name Synonyms Finder - Look up synonyms for a chemical by name, CAS#, or molecular formula


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