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Open Cell Metal Foam


A metal foam is a cellular structure consisting of a solid metal, frequently aluminum, containing a large volume fraction of gas-filled pores. The pores can be sealed (closed-cell foam), or they can form an interconnected network (open-cell foam). The defining characteristic of metal foams is a very high porosity: typically 75-95% of the volume consists of void spaces. The strength of foamed metal possesses a power law relationship to its density; i.e., a 20% dense material is more than twice as strong as a 10% dense material.

Metallic foams typically retain some physical properties of their base material. Foam made from non-flammable metal will remain non-flammable and the foam is generally recyclable back to its base material. Coefficient of thermal expansion will also remain similar while conductivity will likely be reduced.

Open-cell foam structures look very similar to a loofah sponge; the "holes" vary in size depending on the desired application. READE offers pieces of aluminum metal foam and carbon metal foam from stock and the additional materials below can be made to order. 


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Chemical Properties

Stock Foams Available
(single pieces available)

1) Aluminum Foam

2) Reticulated Vitreous Carbon (RVC) Foam

Foams Available to Custom Order

(minimum order requirements apply, contact READE for details) 

3) Nickel/ Nickel Chromium Foam

4) Copper Foam

5) Gold Plated Foam 

6) Titanium Nitride Coated Foam

7) Aluminum Oxide Foam

8) Silicon Carbide Foam

9) Zirconium Oxide Foam

10) Stainless Steel Foam

11) FeCrAly Foam (Iron Chromium Foam)

Physical Properties

Aluminum Foam Specifications:

Panel Size: 4.0" x 4.0" x .5 or .25 or .125" thick
Relative density of panel: 4-6%, 7-9% or 10-12%
PPIs= 5, 10, 20, or 40

Cylinder Size: Out of Stock

Reticulated Vitreous Carbon (RVC) Foam Specifications: 

Panel Size: 4.0" x 4.0" x .5 or .25" thick
Relative density of panel: 3%
PPIS available= 5, 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 80 or 100

Cylinder Size: 2.17" x 1.81"
Relative density of cylinder: 3%
Cylinder PPI: 20

Typical Applications

Energy absorption, filtration, sound suppression, magnetic shielding, vibration damping, stiff lightweight panels, thermal insulation barriers, medical implants, storage media, fuel cells, and heat exchangers

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