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Global Sourcing

Led by a team of chemical industry veterans, READE has been a premier specialty and fine chemical powder source for decades. With an extensive product line, READE partners with a customer base ranging from Fortune 500 manufacturing companies to academic research and design teams as their choice for chemical powder sourcing solutions. The key in successful partnerships with customers is READE's excellent vendor relationships and the ability to respond to customer’s needs in an efficient and timely manner. READE strives to understand each customer’s unique material needs by offering custom solutions and the specialized industrial chemicals team is committed to fulfilling all of your sourcing requirements. With two sales offices in North America and one sales office in South America, READE is strategically located to source and supply global chemical solids. 
READE's product areas include:  
Product Areas:
Abrasive & polishing media Inorganic chemicals Power quality supplies
Biotechnology reagents Laboratory reagents Reagent chemicals
Ceramic powders Laser/optical supplies Reinforcements (powders & fibers) USP, FDA & FCC grades Specialty chemical raw materials
Chemicals, specialty Magnetic filler materials
Chromatography media Media, filtration & adsorbents
Coating powders, inorganic Metal materials & fabrications
Composite powders Metal powder, sheet & wire Mineral powders Nanotechnology raw materials
Conductive filler materials Plasma & thermal spray materials
Deposition & diffusion materials Polymer powders
Filtration media Powder metallurgy materials