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Fluorite (CaF2) from READE PDF Print E-mail

 calcium fluoride, fluorspar, CaF2, fluorspar powder, fluorite, CAS# 7789-75-5calcium fluoride, fluorspar, CaF2, fluorspar powder, fluorite, CAS# 7789-75-5calcium fluoride, fluorspar, CaF2, fluorspar powder, fluorite, CAS# 7789-75-5calcium fluoride, fluorspar, CaF2, fluorspar powder, fluorite, CAS# 7789-75-5 

  • Fluorite Synonyms:

calcium fluoride, fluorspar, CaF2, fluorspar powder, fluorite, CAS# 7789-75-5  

  • Fluorite Designations:  

Chemical Name: Fluorspar

Chemical Formula: CaF2

  • Fluorite Description:

Fluorite is a mineral composed of calcium fluoride (CaF2), the principal fluorine-bearing mineral. It occurs as cubic, isometric crystals and cleavable masses. When pure, it is colorless and transparent, or translucent with a glassy luster. Impurities cause color in the stone, and several varieties exhibit fluorescence. Usually found either in pure veins or associated with lead, silver, or zinc ores, it is common in limestone and dolomites. Fluorite occurs in England and the United States.  

  • Fluorite Chemical Properties Available:

1) Crude ore- 25 to 30%
2) Metallurgical grade- 75 to 82%
3) Ceramic grade- 94 to 96%
4) Acid grade- 97%
5) Crystalline grade- 99%

  • Fluorite Physical Properties Available:

Various granulations available from lump to superfine powder (45 microns)

  • Fluorite Nominal Physical Constants:

Apparent Density (g/cm3)


RTECS Number 


Melting Point (°F)


Boiling Point (°C)


Surface Area (m2/g)


Thermal Conductivity (cal/s-cm-°C)


Mohs Hardness @20°C


Specific Gravity (g/cc)

3 to 3.3

Particle Shape


Refractive Index


Mohs Hardness


  • Fluorite Typical Applications:

Multiple uses in the fiberglass, ceramic, welding rod, and glass industry. Also used in blending with burned lime & dolomite for the steel industry.

  • Fluorite Packaging:

Jars, pails, drums, multiply paper bags, and bulk bags. For further information on packaging options contact READE

  • Fluorite TSCA (SARA Title III) Status:

Listed. For further information please call the E.P.A. at +1.202.554.1404

  • Fluorite Potential Health Hazards:

    The hazards of fluorite are due primarily to the harmful effects of the fluorine content and its silica content. Acute inhalation may cause gastric, intestinal, circulatory and nervous system problems. Chronic inhalation or ingestion may cause loss of weight and appetite, anaemia, and bone and teeth defects. Pulmonary lesions have been reported among persons inhaling dust containing 92 to 96% calcium fluoride and 3.5% silica. It appears that calcium fluoride intensifies the fibrogenic action of silica in the lungs. Cases of bronchitis and silicosis have been reported among fluorspar miners. Source: Encyclopedia of Occupational Health and Safety- 3rd Edition

  • Fluorite CAS Number:

CAS# 7789-75-5 

  • Fluorite Color:

Fluorite comes in a wide range of colors and has subsequently been dubbed "the most colorful mineral in the world". The most common colors are purple, blue, green, yellow, or colorless. Less common are pink, red, white, brown, black, and nearly every shade in between. Color zoning or banding is commonly present. The color of the fluorite is determined by factors including impurities, exposure to radiation, and the size of the color centers.



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