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READE Expands Organic Fruit Stone/ Shell Powder Product Line

Argan, Almond, Apricot, Avocado, Olive, Peach or Plum Granule and Powder Now Available

Olive Pit Powder Medium Micron Size
Organic Fruit Stone/ Shell Powder Product Line Expanded
READE is pleased to announce the newly expanded fruit stone/ shell powder line to include the following organic and natural products:

Almond Shell Powder / Almond Shell Granules
Apricot, Plum and Peach Stone Powder
Argan Pit Shells
Avocado Stone Powder / Avocado Stone Granules
Olive Pit Granules, Olive Pit Flour


These products are an excellent addition to our current organic product line of:
Walnut Shell Granules / Walnut Shell Powder
Pecan Shell Granules / Pecan Shell Powder
Coconut Shell Granules / Coconut Shell Powder

Applications and industries these products serve:
Abrasives (grinding, sanding, polishing)
Architecture, Decoration, Interior Design
Cosmetic Ingredients
Organic (cellulose) Fibers

Sizes: All materials are available in custom sizes that are suitable for your manufacturing needs. Visit the individual product pages above or contact READE for more information.