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Ferric OxyHydroxide FeO(OH) (Granular, Powder) from READE
Thursday, 01 May 2008 17:27


  • Ferric OxyHydroxide FeO(OH) (granular, powder) Synonyms:

ferric oxyhydroxide FeO(OH) (granular, powder), FEOOH, ferric oxy-hydroxide, ferric oxide hydroxide, metal oxy-hydroxides, iron oxide hydroxide, ferric oxide hydroxide, CAS# 20344-49-4 (FeO(OH)), CAS# 243-746-4 FE(OH)O, dried ferric oxy-hydroxide powder, granular ferric oxy-hydroxide powder, goethite, Goethite-(Alpha FeOOH), Ferroxyhite-(Delta FeOOH), Akagenite-(Beta FeOOH), Lepidocrocite-(Gamma FeOOH), Maghemite-(Gamma Fe2O3),

  • Ferric OxyHydroxide FeO(OH) (granular, powder) Designations:

Chemical Name: Ferric OxyHydroxide

Molecular formula: Fe(OH)O

  • Ferric OxyHydroxide FeO(OH) Description:

An iron-based medium used for the selective and efficient adsorption of trace (ppb range) levels of metals and other contaminants.

  • Ferric OxyHydroxide FeO(OH) Nominal Chemical Properties Available:


  • Ferric OxyHydroxide FeO(OH) Physical Properties Available:

 Granular and powder

  • Ferric OxyHydroxide FeO(OH) Typical Applications:

1) Drinking and bottled water filtering-- removal of arsenic, various heavy metals, and natural organic watter
2) Ground water management- removal of arsenic, various heavy metals, and transuranics
3) Mining, plating, refinery, electronic, landfill leachate, and municipal wastewater treatments- removal of arsenic, uranium, lead, selenium, chromium, copper, nickel and phosphorus.
4) Other applications- An effective and environmentally friendly treatment option for removing phosphorus from lakes and aquariums.

  • Ferric OxyHydroxide FeO(OH) Packaging:

Jars, pails, drums, multiply paper bags, bulk bags and fiberboard containers. For further information on packaging options contact READE.

  • Ferric OxyHydroxide FeO(OH) (granular, powder) TSCA (SARA Title III) Status:

Unknown. For further information please call the E.P.A. at +1.202.554.1404

  • Ferric OxyHydroxide FeO(OH) CAS Number:

1) CAS# 20344-49-4= (FeO(OH))
2) CAS# 243-746-4=  FE(OH)O

  • Ferric OxyHydroxide FeO(OH) EINECS:


  • Other Related Products Available From READE:

1) Goethite- (Alpha FeOOH)
2) Ferroxyhite- (Delta FeOOH)
3) Akagenite- (Beta FeOOH)
4) Lepidocrocite- (Gamma FeOOH)
5) Maghemite- (Gamma Fe2O3).






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