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  • Magnetite / Black Iron Oxide (Fe304) Powder from READE

               Magnetite / Black Iron Oxide (Fe304) Powder Synonyms: magnetite, Fe3O4, black iron oxide, iron (II, III) oxide, ferrous ferric oxide, ferro ferric oxide, ferric ferrous oxide,...

    Relevance: [100.00%]

  • Black Iron Oxide / Magnetite (Fe3O4) Powder from READE

                Black Iron Oxide / Magnetite Synonyms: Magnetite, Fe3O4, Black iron oxide, Iron(II, III) oxide, Ferrous ferric oxide, Black iron oxide nanoparticle,...

    Relevance: [98.54%]

  • Hematite Powder / Red Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) from READE

            Hematite / Red Iron Oxide Synonyms: Red iron oxide, Ferric oxide, Fe203, Iron(III) oxide, Jeweler's rouge, Iron sesquioxide, Anhydrous iron oxide, CAS 1309-37-1, Red ochre, MIL-I-706A,...

    Relevance: [86.73%]

  • Iron Oxide Powder (FeO, Fe2O3, Fe3O4), Synthetic from READE

       Synthetic Iron Oxide Powder Synonyms: a) FeO = ferrous oxide (CAS# 1345-25-1) b) Fe2O3 = ferric oxide, hematite, red iron oxide  (CAS# 1309-37-1) c) Fe3O4 = ferrous ferric oxide, magnetite, black...

    Relevance: [79.72%]

  • Iron Oxide Powders (Fe203, Fe304, FeO (OH), FeO) from READE

            Iron Oxide Powders Synonyms: a) FeO = Iron(II) oxide, Ferrous oxide, Iron oxide b) Fe2O3 = Iron(III) oxide, Ferric oxide, Hematite, Colcothar, Red iron oxide, MIL-I-706A, Synthetic maghemite,...

    Relevance: [70.11%]

  • Black Nickel Oxide Powder (Ni2O3) & Green Nickel Oxide Powder (NiO) from READE

             Nickel Oxide Synonyms: a) Black nickel oxide, Ni2O3, Nickel oxide, Nickelic oxide, Nickel sesquioxide, Nickel peroxide, CAS No: 1314-06-3 b) Green nickel oxide, NiO, Nickel (II) oxide Nickel...

    Relevance: [59.26%]

  • Ferric Oxide, Crystalline (Fe2O3) from READE

      Ferric Oxide, Crystalline (Fe2O3) Synonyms: Crystalline ferric oxide, Specular hematite, fe203, Specular red iron oxide, Specularite, Alaska black diamond, Specular jeweler's rouge,  Iron oxide; Ferric oxide red; Iron (III)...

    Relevance: [58.29%]

  • Nanoparticles / Nanopowders (elements, boride, carbide, nitride, phosphide, oxide) from READE

         Nanoparticle / Nanopowder Synonyms: Nanoparticles, nanopowder, nanophase, nanocrystal, nanoparticle, nanodots, nanomaterial, nanostructures, molecular structure, granular crystals. nanocups, nanoelements, nanoalloys,...

    Relevance: [54.63%]

  • Black Beauty┬« Abrasive (Boiler slag, Coal slag) from READE

             Black Beauty® Abrasive Synonyms: Black Beauty, Black Beauty blasting, Black Beauty blasting media, Black Beauty abrasive, Black Beauty blast, Low-free silica abrasive, Black...

    Relevance: [47.79%]

  • Ochre Pigment / Ochre Powder from READE

             Ochre Pigment/ Ochre Powder Synonyms: Ochre pigment, ocher pigment,  Anchred standard, Anhydrous iron oxide, Anhydrous oxide of iron,  Ferric oxide (colloidal), Haematite,...

    Relevance: [39.12%]

  • Dental Aluminum Oxide Powder (27 & 50 micron grades) from READE

          Dental Aluminum Oxide Powder Synonyms: 50 micron aluminum oxide powder, 27 micron aluminum oxide powder, air micro dental abrasion, micro-fine powder, fine aluminum oxide particles, aluminum oxide powder, ...

    Relevance: [35.23%]

  • Abrasive Grain / Grit / Powder, Inorganic, from READE

          Abrasive Grain/ Grit Synonyms: aluminum oxide (fused), barium titanate, boron carbide, boron nitride, burundum, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, cerium oxide, chromium oxide, clay (hard burned),...

    Relevance: [29.66%]

  • Emery Abrasive Grain & Powder from READE

            Emery Abrasive Grain & Powder Synonyms: iron spinel, emery grit, aluminum oxide, aluminum trioxide, black sand, hercynite powder grit grain, polishing lapping emery, iron spinel,...

    Relevance: [26.49%]

  • Ilmenite Powder & Ilmenite Sand (FeTiO3) from READE

                                           Ilmenite Powder...

    Relevance: [22.25%]

  • Ilmenite Sand & Ilmenite Powder (FeTiO3) from READE

           Ilmenite Sand & Powder (FeTiO3) Synonyms: Ilmenite, Iron titanium oxide, FeTiO3, Ilmenite sand, Ilmenite powder, Basanomelane, Cibdelophane, CAS# 12168-52-4 Ilmenite Sand &...

    Relevance: [21.52%]

  • Specular Hematite / Barshot (Fe203) from READE

             Specular Hematite / Barshot (Fe203) Synonyms: specular hematite / barshot, Fe203, iron oxide, specular hematite, ferric oxide, barshot, cristobalite, cas# 14808-60-7, cas# 14464-46-1,...

    Relevance: [20.79%]

  • Glass Abrasive Powder, Recycled, from READE

      Glass Powder, Abrasives, Recycled Synonyms: soda-lime recycled glass abrasives, recycled sand blasting glass media, silica free, heavy metal free, recycled glass media, recycled glass aggregate, industrial...

    Relevance: [20.63%]

  • Maghemite Powder from READE

                 Maghemite Powder Synonyms: maghemite, ferrimagnetic, synthetic maghemite, ferrimagnetic ferric oxide, oxymagnite, sosmanite, spinel ferrite, magnetic maghemite...

    Relevance: [19.70%]

  • Potassium Ferrate(VI) / Fe6 / (K2FeO4) from READE

            Potassium Ferrate(VI) / Super Paramagnetic Iron Synonyms: Ferrate, potassium ferrate(VI), Fe6, Iron(VI), super iron, potassium ferrate(VI) 97%, dipotassium ferrate,  K2FeO4, ferric acid...

    Relevance: [18.77%]

  • Magnetic Powder / Magnetic Particles from READE

                    Magnetic Powder / Magnetic Particle Synonyms:   magnetic powder, magnetic particle, magnetic beads, magnetite, black iron oxide, ferromagnetic,...

    Relevance: [18.59%]

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