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Aluminum Bronze / Bronze Aluminum Powders from READE PDF Print E-mail


  • Aluminum Bronze Synonyms:

Bronze-aluminum powder, Aluminum- bronze powder, Aluminum- bronze alloy powder, Cu-Al, Cu-Al-Fe, Cu-Al-Mn, Cu-Al-Fe-Ni, Alloy Powder #C60800, Alloy Powder #C61000, Alloy Powder #C61400

  • Aluminum Bronze Designations:

Chemical Name: Aluminum-bronze alloy

Chemical Formula: Cu-Al, Cu-Al-Fe, Cu-Al-Mn, Cu-Al-Fe-Ni

  • Aluminum Bronze Description:

a) Aluminium bronze is a type of bronze in which aluminium is the main alloying metal added to copper. A variety of aluminium bronzes of differing compositions have found industrial use, with most ranging from 5% to 11% aluminium by weight, the remaining mass being copper.

b) Other alloying agents such as iron, nickel, manganese, and silicon are also sometimes added to aluminium bronzes.

  • Standard Aluminum Bronze Alloys Available:

a) The following table lists the most common standard aluminium bronze wrought alloy compositions, by ISO 428 designations. The percentages show the proportional composition of the alloy by weight. Copper is the remainder by weight and is not listed:

Alloy:     Aluminium  /  Iron  /   Nickel  /   Manganese  /   Zinc  /   Arsenic
1) CuAl5 4.0% - 6.5% 0.5% max 0.8% max 0.5% max 0.5% max 0.4% max
2) CuAl8 7.0% - 9.0% 0.5% max 0.8% max 0.5% max 0.5% max 
3) CuAl8Fe3 6.5% - 8.5% 1.5% - 3.5% 1.0% max 0.8% max 0.5% max 
4) CuAl9Mn2 8.0% - 10.0% 1.5% max 0.8% max 1.5% - 3.0% 0.5% max 
5) CuAl10Fe3 8.5% - 11.0% 2.0% - 4.0% 1.0% max 2.0% max 0.5% max 
6) CuAl10Fe5Ni5 8.5% - 11.5% 2.0% - 6.0% 4.0% - 6.0% 2.0% max 0.5% max 
And also:
7) 95.0% Cu-5.0& Al (Alloy #C60800)
8) 92.0% Cu-8.0% Al (Alloy #C61000)
9) 91.0% Cu- 7.0% Al- 2.0% Fe (Alloy #C61400)

b) AFS Reference Guide stated aluminum bronze alloys are: 88-3-9, 89-1-10, 85-4-11, and 81-4-11-4. aluminum bronze- light, aluminum bronze-manhardts, aluminum bronze- germnan navy, aluminum bronze- heavy, aluminum manganese bronze, and aluminum nickel bronze

  • Aluminum Bronze Physical Properties Available:

 Numerous particle size options are available from ingots down to 45 micron and finer powder.

  • Aluminum Bronze Typical Applications:

a) Aluminium bronzes are most commonly used in applications where their resistance to corrosion makes them preferable to other engineering materials. These applications include bushings and landing gear components on aircraft, engine components (especially for seagoing ships), underwater fastenings in naval architecture, and ship propellers. The attractive gold-toned coloration of aluminium bronzes has also led to their use in jewelry.

b) Aluminium bronzes are in the highest demand from the following industries and areas:

* General sea water-related service
* Water supply
* Oil and petrochemical industries eg tools for use in non-sparking environments
* Specialized anti-corrosive applications
* Certain structural retrofit building applications
* Aluminium bronze can be welded using the MIG welding technique with an aluminium bronze core and pure argon gas.

c) Powder alloys similar to Aluminium bronze are used in making coins. For example, the $1 and $2 Australian coins produced by the Royal Australian Mint and the Nordic gold used for some Euro coins.

  • Aluminum Bronze Packaging:

Jars, pails, drums, multiply paper bags, bulk bags and fiberboard containers

  • Aluminum Bronze TSCA (SARA Title III) Status:

Listed. For further information please call the E.P.A. at +1.202-554-1404

  • Aluminum Bronze CAS Number:


  • Tags: Bronze-aluminum powder, Aluminum- bronze powder, Aluminum- bronze alloy powder, Cu-Al, Cu-Al-Fe, Cu-Al-Mn, Cu-Al-Fe-Ni, Alloy Powder #C60800, Alloy Powder #C61000, Alloy Powder #C61400



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