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Units for Particulate Measurement

Units for particulate powder measurement

a) One angstrom unit (A.O. or Å)= 0.1 nanometers, or one ten-thousandth of a micron (10-4 microns), or one hundred-millionth of a centimeter (1 x 10-8 cm.).

b) One angstrom is the diameter of a hydrogen atom -- the smallest element.

Particulate Measurement Definitions:

a) Apparent Density (g/cm3)= weight in grams x 0

b) Flow Rate= Time in seconds per 50 grams

c) Mesh= Number of openings per lineal inch, starting with a ruler zeroed on the center of any wire

d) Micron= One micron (µ) equals 10-4 centimeters or 0.001 millimeters

e) Nano= A prefix meaning one billionth or 10-9. The symbol is n

f) Nanometer= One nanometer (nm) equals ten angstroms or 1 millimicron

g) Sieve Analysis refers to the particle size distribution, usually expressed as weight percentage retained upon each of a series of standard sieves of decreasing size and the percentage passed by the sieve of finest size

h) Surface Area= A measure of the surface area per unit weight

i) Wavelength= One wavelength (at 5500 Å) equals 21.8 x 10-6 inches