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Trademark / Tradename Acknowledgements by READE


The following product Trademarks and registered Trade Names, owned by others, are mentioned only for reference purposes within the Reade Advanced Materials (READE) SuperSite.

To the best of our knowledge they are marks of their respective owners, which are acknowledged and publicly stated by READE on a "best efforts basis".

If you are aware of any synonyms listed in the READE SuperSite that are registered Trademarks or Trade Names, please contact our Webmaster with relevant information so that the Trademarks and / or Trade Names can be appropriately updated below. Thank you.

Trademark Name--(Owner)

AlBeMet-- Brush Wellman, Inc.

Alcoa-- Aluminum Company of America

Almeg-- U. S. Granules

Alon-- Surmet Corporation

AlNel-- Advanced Refractory Technologies

Alundum-- Saint Gobain / Norton

Alulight-- Alulight International GmbH

Amdry-- Alloy Metals, Inc.

American Tripoli-- American Tripoli, Incorporated

Ancor-- Hoeganaes Corporation

Ancorsteel-- Hoeganaes Corporation

Atomet-- Quebec Metal Powders

Aveka-- Aveka, Inc.

Bayferrox-- Mobay Corporation

Baytubes-- Bayer MaterialScience AG

Berylco-- NGK Metals Corporation

BLACK BEAUTY-- Harsco Technologies Corporation

Blastite-- Washington Mills Corporation

Carpenter-- Carpenter Technology Corporation

Catapal-- Condea Vista Company

Cerac-- Cerac Incorporated

Ceralox-- Ceralox Corporation

Delcrome-- Haynes International

Deloro-- Deloro Stellite Company, Inc.

Disperal-- Condea Vista Co.

Dow-- Dow Chemical Co.

Durafibre-- Cargill Limited

Durafill-- Cargill Limited

Duralum-- Washington Mills Electro Minerals Corp.

Ecomass-- Ideas to Market, L.P.

Elkem-- Elkem Metals Company

Envirostrip-- Canning Gumm Inc.

Ferro-Tic-- Alloy Technology International, Inc. / Pacific Sintered Metals

Fleka- Nippon Sheet Glass Co. Ltd.

Flextron- WTL International Ltd

GE-- General Electric Co.

Hastelloy-- Haynes International Inc.

HyMu "80"-- Carpenter Technology Corporation

Inconel-- Inco Alloys International, Inc.

Invar-- Carpenter Technology Corp.

Kennametal-- Kennametal Inc.

Kovar-- Carpenter Technology Corp.

Microglas-- Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd.

Micronal- BASF Aktiengesellschaft

Microwire-- National Semiconductor Corp.

Min-U-Sil-- U.S. Silica Company

Mirex-- Mitsubishi Steel Mfg. Co.

Monel -- Inco Alloys International, Inc.

NanoCrystal-- NanoSystems Inc. / Elan Corp.

NanoGard-- Nanophase Technologies Corp.

Nanogel- Cabot Corporation

Nanom-- Frontier Carbon Corporation

NanoMaterials-- NanoMaterials, Inc.

Nanomer-- Nanocor, Inc.

Nanosys-- Nanosys, Inc.

NanoTek-- Nanophase Technologies Corp.

Nichrome-- Harrison Alloys

Nimonic-- Inco Alloys International Inc.

Nistelle-- Haynes International

Nitinol-- Crucible Research, LLC

Novamet-- Novamet Specialty Products

Permalloy-- B&D Industrial & Mining Services, Inc.

Permanickel-- Inco Alloys Inc.

POSS-- Hybrid Plastics Inc.

Qbeads -- Quantum Dot Corporation

READE-- Reade Metals & Minerals Corp.

REAl-- Containerless Research Inc.

Reed Minerals-- Harsco Technologies Corporation

Rene'-- GE

Rene'-- Teledyne Allvac

Resistic-- Alloy Technology International, Inc.

Responsible Care-- American Chemistry Council (ACC)

Sil-Co-Sil-- U. S. Silica Company

Silflake-- Handy & Harmon

Silpowder-- Handy & Harmon

Snow*Tex-- U. S. Silica Company

Standard Reference Materials-- National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)

Stelcar-- Haynes International

Stellite-- Deloro Stellite Company, Inc.

Synsil-- Minerals Technologies, Inc.

Trade Process Network -- GE / Thomas Register

Tribaloy-- Haynes International

Tristelle-- Haynes International

Trona-- Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp.

Tullanox-- Tulco, Inc.

Udimet alloys-- Special Metals Corp.

Ultimet-- Aluminum Company of America

Ultram-- Ultram International

Waspaloy-- United Technologies Corp.


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