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Reade Advanced Materials began revolutionizing the chemicals industry over 200 years ago, and today it has secured a position as one of the premiere specialty chemical solids distributors in the world. With an extensive inorganic product line, READE represents over 2,000 manufacturers as a global distributor, value-added toll processor and packager. READE selectively partners with manufacturing plants across the United States to provide a finished product tailored to their customer's specifications. Today READE is a worldwide, award-winning, family-run company that sources leading edge materials and provides innovative solutions for their customer's production needs.

Raw Material Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing

strategic global sourcing solutions for your specialty chemical requirements

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Specialty Chemical Toll Processing

Toll Processing

size reduction, blending and screening solutions for your dry, inorganic, specialty chemicals

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Specialty Chemical Toll Packaging

Toll Packaging

full-service contract packaging of inorganic, specialty chemical powder and granular products

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